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Provider Background Information:

                                       Claudia Flechas, Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor, has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and                                                 Sociology from California State University, San Marcos with a concentration in family, children and                                               youth, she also minored in Criminology/Criminal Justice.  Flechas has worked in the social services field                                         for nineteen years acquiring extensive experience working with families and children of all ages.                                                   Domestic violence is one of her focus areas; she served as an advocate in collaboration with Oceanside Police Department and Escondido Police Department. In addition, she worked as a child abuse investigator for over six years for Child Welfare Services in the County of San Diego where she gained valuable knowledge surrounding issues of child abuse and child development. 

Flechas and her monitors each have been trained as a Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor complying with California Rules of Court 5.20 and Family Code 3200.5.  In addition, all monitors have been submitted to a background check and are on the Trustline registry cleared of a criminal background.  We understand this process can be stressful and want parents to feel confident when choosing their provider. 

Our goal is for your child's visit to take place in a stress free and relaxed environment where he/she can have quality time with the non custodial parent.  It is in the best interest of a child that he/she maintain an ongoing relationship with both parents.  A child's growth and development can be affected at the occurrence of an absent parent. Separation Anxiety and behavioral changes can occur in children of divorced/separated parents and this is one of many reasons that we must strive to maintain consistent contact between parents and children during this process.  We are here to assist in helping you accomplish that your children are the least affected during these times.

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