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My son (6) and daughter (4) loved having Claudia with us and still asks for her. Even though our divorce was very charged and emotional Claudia made this process very easy and we had a lot of fun with the kids. She was able to coordinate changing schedules, navigate restrictions, accommodate a wide variety of events, and most importantly look out for the interests of the children. 

My four year old daughter took to Claudia very quickly, asking to hold her hand while at events, and opened up to her regularly. It was especially heartwarming to read her detailed reports about what happens before and after you leave. Her reports ensure fairness in legal family matters and give the kids a voice they would not otherwise have. 

I would highly recommend Claudia and 4everfamily for Supervised Visitation.

P. Turner – Non Custodial Father

It is not an easy thing for a parent to go through, to be given a checklist of do's and don'ts, proving little by little you're trustworthy. All week you wait for those couple hours when the painful reality is you wish you could be there watching the mundane motions of the weeks go by, watching your child grow up and soon you'll get there.

When I first started working with Patricia I was riddled with shame and embarrassment. I thought about how intrusive the whole matter would be. Soon I was shown the utter compassion and empathy with just the right professionalism. Patricia is caring with a gentle disposition. 

The whole team at 4ever Family has been fair, kind and understanding. I highly recommend them to ease a very difficult time and to ensure you and your child are in good hands. 

J. Boykin - Non Custodial Mother

I just wanted to leave some feedback on my experience with 4ever family. Throughout the whole process of getting a supervised monitor it has been nothing but easy. 4ever family made such a stressful situation as smooth as possible. Initially at first calling I explained that my visits needed to start immediately, with that being said Claudia took no hesitation to get started and get me reunited with my daughter as quickly as possible! I was given world class customer service, given updates and treated like I mattered. I truly did feel that 4ever family cared about my family. Theres no doubt that their main priority is to get you reunited with your family. My monitor assigned to me was Luis Flechas and throughout all the visits I was treated with alot of respect and kindness. Luis made alot of the rules and guidelines very clear along with positive tips to keep the visits smooth and taken care of. His main priority was that my daughter has a good experience with her dad (me) and made sure I took all the right steps to do that. I would rate Luis 10/10 and 4ever family as a whole business a 11 out of 10! I was extremely happy with the services provided. And I would gladly recommend to anyone who needs their services. 
J. Angulo - Non Custodial Father

Over the time that I had supervision visitation of my children, I ended up having 3 different supervisors.  By far Claudia was the best out of them.  As uncomfortable as supervised visitation is, somehow she  made it feel comfortable.  My three children took to her pretty much immediately.  Claudia was willing to do whatever activities I had planned for my children.  She is a neutral party that took into consideration both parties involved.  Claudia is both professional and very helpful in many ways.  She was always willing to talk to my ex wife or the lawyers in order for my children to have the best visit possible.  She always did everything in her power to make the visits as fun and as smooth as possible.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for supervised visitation. You won't be disappointed.
Steven - Non Custodial Father

4 ever family was a blessing from God, the reason for that statement is because I felt like they were very professional from start to finish. Claudia, Luis and Patricia did a professional job on "child monitor". I highly recommend it "4 Ever Family" because they are neutral for each parent, they follow the court order. Overall I am very satisfied with their job. 

E. Silva - Non Custodial Father


My attorney recommended me to Claudia Flechas, owner of 4Ever Family.  She was amazing from the get go.  My 2 year old daughter took to her immediately.  Claudia was very professional and made each visit comfortable and relaxed.  Through the hard times of my divorce it was a comfort to know I had a visitation monitor like Claudia whom I can rely on to be there for me so I can be with my baby girl.  Thanks Again, Claudia.

J. Murrieta - Non Custodial Father

I used Claudia Flechas service a couple of months ago, she was very professional and helpful, my boys really liked her. I would definitely recommend her, once again.                           

M. Sigueira - Non Custodial Father

I used 4 Ever Family from the beginning of September 2015 thru the end of January 2016 and was quite impressed by the professionalism and expertise of their services. Claudia was my monitor and she was very attentive, caring, and helpful. This was the first time I had ever been in this type of situation, and was very skeptical of a stranger hanging out with my daughter and I. Claudia made the entire process very comfortable and pleasant. She pays attention and makes sure that the visits are going smoothly without interfering with the valuable time that you have with your child. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable and is very calm and collected. Her demeanor sets a very peaceful tone and makes it easy to spend quality time with your child. I am very happy with her services and would highly recommend 4ever family to anyone in need of supervised visitation services.                     

M. Bader - Non Custodial Father                                                                                    


I used 4 Ever Family for supervised visitation. Claudia was the monitor for my son. She is a very reliable person. She was very kind to me and my son, he also liked her. After every visit she gave me details of what happened at the visit. I felt relieved that she was there. I am very appreciative of her.  If you are in need of supervised visitation, I highly recommend 4ever Family.

E. Meza - Custodial Mother

Claudia and Patricia were monitors for my daughter's visits for nearly 4 months during a very stressful and difficult time. They were a balance of professional and compassionate. In times that require supervised visitation, trust and reliability are invaluable, and I highly recommend 4everFamily. They are warm, caring people who keep your child’s best interest at heart.

A. Rogers - Custodial Mother


This past year has been very rough for my family and I because my ex wife had made accusations against me which resulted in me having to go to Court and proving my innocence.  While this was going on I was granted court ordered supervised visitations.  I searched for supervisors and I decided to call Claudia from 4ever Family.  I instantly had a good feeling about her.  My two boys absolutely loved her and we were all very comfortable around her.  After a couple of visitations they even started calling her "auntie". When my case began reaching its end, I had requested a detailed report for each visitation with my kids that she offers for a reasonable price.  I submitted the reports as evidence to help my case.  Needless to say it helped tremendously and I won.  She is well respected and highly educated.  I highly recommed her services to anyone who needs them.    

S. Miller - Non Custodial Father

I am very appreciative of your services.  4ever Family is very flexible and work very well with both parties.  

Thank you.

A. Hernandez - Non Custodial Mother

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